Sportscompiler is the website of an industry odds compiler with over 20 years of experience. On these pages I will showcase the prices generated by a selection of mathematical pricing models. 

 Sportscompiler works on the premise that sport is random and anything can happen. The models have been built with the intention of capturing that randomness, measuring it using it to create the odds. Football for instance is a game with thousands of individual actions, several of which must happen consecutively to create a goal, one misplaced pass, a poor touch or an attacker straying offside are just three of many reasons an attack will flounder. Looking at football in this way makes it easier to accept the random nature of the game. All of the Sportscompiler models are devised to measure the random nature of any single game, by then playing that game over and over thousands of times we can measure the likelihood of the favourites overcoming the randomness.

Currently there are two Sportscompiler football models, one of them has evolved over the years and I am constantly seeking to improve it, this model will form the basis of this season's football betting - I will shortly be starting work on a team strength element that will further refine the figures. The second model is radically different to the original method and is currently being evaluated through tests over thousands of games. There is also a live test being carried out on this website - see the MLS section in the football tab.

In addition there are two related models covering Rugby, an all bells and whistles version covering Rugby League and a simpler but effective method covering Rugby Union. 

There are models for many other sports as well, I hope to include their output on the site at some point in the future.

Here's to a profitable year's betting,